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Jeff Cooper

Broadcaster, Web Audio Engineer, Voice-Over.

Broadcaster, Web Audio Engineer, Voice-Over.

Jeff Cooper Jeff Cooper


After a wobbly start with the Dutch offshire 'pirate' station, Radio Veronica, I am proud to have then become the youngest-ever BBC network radio announcer & newsreader at - 22 years old (and that's still the case, as far as I know). Sadly, it was me who had to break the Guildford pub bombings horror to the national radio audience.

More cheerfully, since then my career has involved music- and news- radio presentation and programming for some of the UK's biggest commercial and BBC stations, and included some great music moments: in 1976, I spent 2 hours recording a radio 'special' with rocker Ian Gillan; at Glasgow's Radio Clyde, I was the first DJ in the UK to play emerging new bands Simple Minds and Heaven 17, while three years later at the BBC in Manchester, I had the exclusive first broadcast of New Order's 'Blue Monday' - introduced by the band; and Travis did their first full live radio session on my 'XS' show in Sheffield in 1997.

I have designed radio programming and presentation training courses for Bolton University, Estonian National Radio's Raadio 2, The Baltic Media Centre in Denmark, and the St Petersburg Insitute of Journalism in Russia.

I was nominated for a Sony Radio Award, and have also been a guest panelist at many music & radio events, including the Guinness Student Radio Forum, Liverpool Sound City and Norwich Sound & Vision.

I was also a pioneer 'border-blaster' in the mid-80s when my Italian-based LBC Music Radio became the most-listened-to station in southern Switzerland. It was also the first automated radio station in that country.

Today, I am mainly involved with online audio engineering, music programming and commercial voice-overs - demo available on request or you can listen via the radio or voice-over links below. You can also hear me with embarrassing frequency as the 'Station Voice' of 2XS Rocks!

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Bolton University, England
... direct, genial, eloquent speaker ... instant hit with the students ...

Baltic Media Centre, Denmark
... the participants really related to what you said ...

Eesti Raadio, Estonia
... I've heard some great work by our DJs since your course ...

Target Training, Manchester
...excellent feedback on your particular session ...


2XS Rocks
audio & website creation, operation, development & management.

Wider Europe
audio creation and development.

Radio Trent
audio & website creation, operation, development & management.

UK Country Radio
creation, launch and first year operation.


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Sheffield, England

Voice-mail: +44 200 888 0297

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